There are many ways to "hack" or "cheat" in Tunnel Town, but here's a rundown of some of the most common ways to do so. WARNING: Do this at your own risk!

Tip #1

Ever wonder if your baby bunny could just be born? Time too long? Well, just follow these steps to know how to get your bunny born without spending any stars!

iPad/iPhone/iPod Settings --> General --> Date & Time --> Set Time to Bunny's Birth Date (Ex: If the time was 4 hours, you would change the time to 4 hours later)

PLEASE READ: If you do this twice, a warning sign will appear on your screen. It does say that if you "overuse" the date and time settings again, you would get suspended. According to many "Tunnel Towners", even if you don't listen to the warning, and change the settings again, you will not get suspended, and the warning will never appear again.

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